Prices of packages for social parties

Prices of packages for social parties

November 4, 2018 at 11:19 am 0 comments

The Prices vary according to the number of holes of golf.

For the Hole shebang: the price is dollar 145 per person with 9 holes of golf and playing session of 2 hours of draft beer, some premium white and red wines, spirits, sodas PLUS 1* glass of champagne, premium pour spirits being served to the group between the players. There is a reserved function area.

Tee off: the price of the play is dollar 78 per person with a 9 holes golf game for 2 hours long session and beer, house pours white and red wines and some sodas. It is necessary to book the area prior to a visit.

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Luxury Pars: the session of the gameplay is two hours with a game of 9 Hole of golf and the house serves beer, white and red, spirits and sodas. Book the functional area in advance.

Putt loose: The session lasts for two hours with a pouring of premium white/ red, premium spirits and sodas. This kind of session might cost a person dollar 128.

The Hole Shebang: A person has to pay dollar 145 for a play session that lasts for two hours with premium white/red wine, sodas PLUS 1 glass of champagne, beer. Place your booking prior to the week of a visit. The service of Holey Moley brings the best experience in the field of Mini golf Singapore and one can choose from varieties of packages made in consideration to the budget.