The Dawood foundation started in the basic year of 1960 and from that every time they have remained committed to their humanitarian efforts. It is from the foundation’s point that humanity has no borders, boundaries or limitations.

The foundation provides the section with the products that are required on a daily basis in order to make their life a little easy. Not just the products are provided along with these people are provided with the right medical facilities. The foundation does so by collecting some funds, shelter supplies, procuring food along with making a shelter for the disaster affected people.

disaster affected people

The foundation helps those who are in desperate need of getting the help that includes people who have met with some sort of disasters that has affected not only individuals but also the families. They do so by collecting funds, providing shelters to the families and procuring food to thousands of the people who are in need.

Helping the ill children and teens from foundation funds:

The foundation not just excels in the field of providing help to the needy people but it also provides help to every ill child who is suffering from any sort of mental health issues. This foundation gets the much-needed donation from the volunteers who are not asked to deal with only money but every sort of offerings that includes providing food, shelters and helping people to grow in every possible manner. The Bashir Dawood and Mariyam Dawood foundation want to have your support in any possible way.