One in 100 women suffers fromĀ recurrent miscarriage issues in Hong Kong. The miscarriage is said to happen in a successive manner during the second trimester of the pregnancy period. The symptoms are due to various factors like hormonal changes, lifestyle, age, environment, and other abnormalities. Apart from these reasons, the chromosomal defect is also considered to be the main cause of miscarriage. These are caused due to the variation in structure and number of chromosomes.

Karyotyping for detecting abnormalitiesrecurrent miscarriage

In order to detect the structural abnormalities by means of numbers and balance of chromosomes, the karyotyping method is used. This method of analyzing chromosomes is done at many centers in Hong Kong. TheĀ karyotyping test hong kong can be done at various centers that help to find the reason behind recurrent miscarriages that happen in women. At-risk couples are advised to take this test so that it can be observed and certain medications can be provided to them in order to get out of this issue.

The test taken by couples helps them to know the reason behind miscarriages, and then this can be prevented by means of getting an appointment in a cryogenic center. The counseling can be done to prevent the pregnancies in the future to prevent from aborting and also to prevent the child from being born healthier. The successive abortions must be taken as a symptom to the chromosomal changes and the treatment can be taken immediately.